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Stingless Bee Honey Eye Drops



Unlock the power of nature with Stingless Bee Honey Eye Drops, a groundbreaking wellness solution that goes beyond traditional eye drops. Infused with the incredible benefits of honey, these eye drops are designed to elevate your well-being in ways you never imagined.


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Your Daily Dose Of Body


Sea Moss provides sweeping health benefits...

From a natural detox and energy source to immune system support, improved digestion and gut health, thyroid and great support for those with excess mucus.

Chris Story

. I thought I'd share my Testimony with the World. In hopes that my story inspires change in Someone's Life.  I went Blind and stayed in a Diabetic Coma 3 Days! Living proof there is a God!

I was a very sick Man.
Diagnosed with multiple diseases.
I self taught and reversed all my medical diagnosis.
Using herbal nutrition and our PH Blueprint Method.
No Man Made Prescription Drugs or surgeries were used in my reversal and Self Study. ​ 


*High Risk for Heart Attack and Stroke
~Diabetes Robs your Body of Everything!
I got tired, I took my Life Back.
              Chris, Founder

Show me What you Got? 

3x The Potency in Sea moss Concrete.

Our formulas are Concentrated.

It’s never running or diluted with water overkill or sugars like most gels on the market.

Q & A

Q: Why we don't add flavors/fruit to our Seamoss Products?

A:  It's because fruit ferments and that means the Seamoss doesn't last very long at all. Also, all fruit isn't alkaline... So adding a acidic fruit to your Seamoss it dilutes it to a neutral state. We believe giving you the custom a more potent produce and you add your favorite

fruit. To create your smoothie/juice......

Q: What makes your Seamoss Company different besides No flavors/fruit?

A:  3x The Potency in Sea moss Concrete, and our formulas are Concentrated and never runny. Also, formulated with your health in mind. We're the only herbal infused Seamoss Brand.

Q: What is your companies mission?

A:  Our Seamoss product are specialize to help with underline illness that are plaguing our communities. We teach people who suffer from chronic illnesses and low testosterone what to eat to reverse illness and restore health. We emphasize the importance of incorporating a whole plant base lifestyle free of processed foods as the best way to increase energy, reduce the risk of illness, and live a rich and full life. 

IMG_3686 (2).jpg

First off we at Seamoss Concrete are a Specialty Seamoss Company. And would like to thank you for being a committed customer of our brand. As we know you could've have chosen any other company you choose us to bringing  you the best and latest seamoss products. Besides our soon to be released new products we're start it off with, our latest one FULL SPECTRUM SEAMOSS as a option in all of our SEAMOSS CONCRETE products......

"Without compromising any of the potency you grew to love!!

Growing our Mission 

Mission: Actually Alkaline life & Seamoss Concrete co-exists to awaken, educate, and empower people to strike the healthy balance needed to optimize wellness. New team same dream to show and educate everyone of a healthier lifestyle that awaits them!!

Welcome, Thank you for your interest. Please support us by giving us a positive review below

seamoss face serum (2).png

Our Herbal  Seamoss Concrete  Natures #1 Superfood. It’s has no smell or taste. It’s Packed with more benefits than any other Superfood in the wild!  It’s raw, vegan all natural with no side effects or added sugars for taste.

How does it Help?

Our Signature Organic Compound was design to give your body 3x the benefits and potency in one spoon. Offering raw minerals to uplift the essence of your bodies. Our Holistic formula targets and strengthens the body’s organs, hair, skin and nails.

It’s never running ,diluted or polluted with Acidic Artificial Ingredients or Sugars.

Why No Flavors ?

We teach our clients how to add taste without removing the Alkalinity benefit. Our herbal Seamoss Concrete lives in a lane of its on.

It’s not your Regular Seamoss, It’s Concrete.



We have been lied to, and this is why we are so sick.


Our goal at is Seamoss Concrete not to just sell you products, but to educate you and for you to take your health into your own hands.

When it comes to what we should be eating one should first look to nature.


And by looking at nature one can see the cosmic arrangement that has been created by the all mighty. There is not one animal on the plant that eats everything fruit, meat, fish, dairy, herbs etc.


But homo sapiens (humans) we do which disturb the cosmic arrangement in which (GOD) intended.


But, there is one animal that has a similar structure as humans which is the gorilla. His hands, teeth and entire body structure resembles ours.


🤔He’s the strongest land animal 500lbs of pure muscle and a strict herbivore and Frugivores. If his anatomy is similar to ours shouldn’t we eat alkaline foods like him🍓🍇🍉🍒🍉🍎🍊🍍🥭🍐🫐🌱

Think about it!!!

We're a Specialty Seamoss Company
 Seamoss Concrete 

We give you the Power and Potency in each jar. It’s Concrete, It’s Herbal. You're going to need a Spoon.

Our Teacher

Dr Sebi

Seamoss Create Products are VEGAN, GMO, PLANT BASED & Gluten FREE.
Made of 100% Minerals.


What's The Difference, You Ask? Its Herbal

OUR Signature FORMULA!

By Now I'm sure you've heard of natures nutrition Sea moss and all the life's benefits it offers. We like to call it Liquid Gold not just because of its reputation. But because of the illness and Health reversal it did for us. And so many others we've Helped!

You know the Story, Multiple Medical Diagnosis. All Reversed.

Well, There are so Many Sea Moss Gels and Capsules available, Right? They all seem to be very similar when we looked. Gel this and Gel that..

Our Focus is Holistic Health, Nutrition and Wellness, Not Taste. The truth is Herbs wasn't never intended to taste good.

Once you add a ton of Water and Sweeteners to Gel it down. Now you have greatly diluted its true purpose with very little Nutrition Left. The late World Renowned  Dr.Sebi Educated on Health and Wellness never Taste. I'm sure he would be proud of this movement.

We Created The first Highly Concentrated Signature Formula Seamoss Concrete Nope, Its Not A GEL, Its never runny.. 

Malik liked our Elderberry and Classic Gold Seamoss he uses both.

He also was recommended "What to Eat" Ebook found on our site for the goals he was looking to obtain.

We suggested Lolita our Reduce formula for maximum all herbal appetite suppressant.
 And of course "What to Eat" Ebook found on our site.


Seamoss Testimonials (14).png

Food be thy medicine, medicine be thy food….


Well, it's Mother Nature's biological diet, designed just for us, and the planet. If we all found a way to truly listen to our bodies it would say to us:


"Keep it simple - eat a variety of whole, nutrient-rich foods designed by nature and you will thrive."

More and more people are choosing to reduce their use of animal products, for a variety of reasons. Some are cutting down on animal fats to reduce risk of heart disease. Others are rejecting the cruelties of factory farming. Still others are trying to live more sustainably by shifting to plant foods, which require less land and water to produce.

What makes up the human body?

The human body is not made of protein, vitamins or any other man made chemicals. It's made of minerals 102 to be exact. 


The difference between Acidic and Alkalinity is the bodies pH levels. High levels of acids lies below pH 7 whereas the pH of alkaline is above pH 7.

Having a Ph at 7 or above is where you want to shoot for. This is where to bodies full wellness thrives and best fights off disease.

So the question becomes how do I get there?

We specialize in this.

Book Today! 

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