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This product is made and manufactured by Seamoss Concrete 1 Jar contains 16 oz vegan Seamoss. No LABELS will be on Jars.. you receive 12 Jars (dozen) with this order. 

Organic Alkaline Formula VEGAN  Seamoss Concrete Products with 102 or more nutrients.

improves energy, skin, and cleanses, along with many other things, too many to mention. Are you a business owner that incorporates sea moss products, especially sea moss gel, into their store? Believe us, we know that producing sea moss gel can be a very tedious process. Well, let us handle your headache as this will become one less thing that you would have to worry about. Let us manufacture and ship your Seamoss Gel as we offer top quality product. None of that pool/home/farm grown sea moss mess but real authentic sea moss straight from the seas of Tanzania! You wouldn’t have to worry about it leaking, breaking, or becoming spoiled through transit. We are experts in delivering your product in one piece and on dry ice for freshness. If you would like, it shipped to you so that you'll be able to keep inventory on hand, that would perfectly fine. Whichever option you choose, we're ready to execute!

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