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About Us

Actually Alkaline Life Health & Wellness is a nonprofit initiative created to awaken, educate, and empower people to strike the healthy balance needed to optimize wellness. We teach people who suffer from chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and low testosterone what to eat to reverse disease and restore health.

Featured Products

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Seamoss Concrete

Sea Moss is one of nature's superfood. It is fortified with 92 of the 102 minerals that we need to feed our bodies. Our High Potency formula of Sea moss concrete is hand made from wildcrafted Irish sea moss and natural spring water.

Meal Plan

We take your current need and situation into full consideration. No cookie cutter approach . We know every body is different.

Rather, Overweight, Illness ,Muscle building or just time and balance is needed . We help you reach your goals with Sophisticated meal plans built just for you.


This Guide consist of all you will need to start your Alkaline Whole food lifestyle. This Guide will aid in your overall health and wellness goals.

This list consist of Alkaline Whole foods with nutrient benefits to aid in your transition.

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 Free Breakfast Recipes

These quick and simple recipes are our gifts to you for simply visiting our site



Dinner Recipes

These quick and simple recipes are our gifts to you for simply visiting our site


About Chris.....

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An African American sick Man. Diagnosed with multiple diseases. Who heals himself and reverses all his medical diagnosis. Using nutrition from Electric Whole Foods and Herbs of the land. No Man Made Prescription Drugs or Surgeries were used in this reversal and Self Study.

His Medical Diagnoses :

*Type 2 Diabetes



*High Cholesterol

*High Blood Pressure

*Low Testosterone

*High Risk for Heart Attack and Stroke ~Diabetes Robs your Body of Everything! I took my Life Back. 

What Client's are Saying

Milak Ross


 I have only been using the Seamoss for a week and my glucose levels have decreased. I have to in take more smaller meals or snacks to maintain it. I have cut my diabetic medication down to once a day instead of twice.

I started on the this couple weeks now and feel so much better. My body going through adjustments but when I wake up my blood sugar is now running to low. My Dr lower my med to 10 units 1 time day when it was 40 2 x day. Mind and life change. Thank you Lynn and chris

The best Seamoss I’ve ever had I highly recommend any & everyone reading this get you some of that Seamoss Concrete

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