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Strawberry Milkshake


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Drinking Green Juice

 Wild Berry Alkaline

1 Cup Walnut Milk|Spring Water

1/2 Cup Strawberries

1/2 Cup Raspberries

1/2 Cup Kale

1 Frozen Banana

1 Tablespoon Seamoss

1 Table spoon Chia Seed

Strawberry Milkshake

Green Alkalinity

1 Cup of Spring Water 

1 Green Apple 

1/2 Cucumber 

1 Juiced Key Lime 

1 slice of Ginger 

1/2 cup Ice Optional 

Green Smoothie

Peach Alkalinity

1 Cup Spring Water

1/2 Peaches

1 small Orange

1/2 Pear

1 tsp Hemp Seeds

1 tsp Sea moss

2 tsp Ice cube optional

Healthy Smoothie

Berry Alkalinity

1 Cup of Spring Water

1 cup Red Apple

1/2 Banana

1/2 Raspberries  

1/2 Blueberries

1 tsp. Sea moss

Ice optional

Image by Denis Tuksar

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Food, The Curse and the Cure



It true juicing can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, remove toxins from your body, aid digestion and help you lose weight.

Juicing has a variety of benefits, including greater concentration of nutrients per ounce, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, and enhanced absorption of nutrients. It may also help people who have difficulty eating their vegetables to stomach the taste.

The 6 Greatest Juicing Health Benefits

  • Increased Vitamins and Minerals in Your Diet.

  • Potential Weight Loss.

  • Increased Energy.

  • Decrease Inflammation and Reset Your Body.

  • Protect Against Disease

  • Skin and Collagen Production



New Cellular Cleanse

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